Brittany Mahomes hits back at her critics and their ‘obsession’ with her after the wife of Chiefs star Patrick and Taylor Swift’s friend split the internet over whether or not she was rude to Baltimore stadium employee

Brittany Mahomes hit back at people’s ‘obsession’ with her after she was criticized for her ‘high horse’ attitude towards a stadium employee in Baltimore on Sunday.

The wife of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes divided the internet in the wake of his 17-10 win over the Ravens for the way she spoke to a stadium staffer in the tunnel.

After joining the likes of Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift and brother Jason on the field to celebrate with the players after reaching the Super Bowl Mahomes, Brittany and his brother Jackson were filmed walking back to the locker room .

Brittany could be seen on camera asking a stadium employee ‘where do we go from here?’ before twirling her finger in a circular motion.

Some on social media accused her of being on a ‘high horse’, while others disagreed and maintained that she had done nothing wrong.

Patrick Mahomes' wife twirled her finger and asked where she should go

Mahomes hit back at people's 'obsession' with her in an Instagram post

Brittany Mahomes has been accused of speaking rudely to a stadium employee in Baltimore

Brittany Mahomes hits back at her critics and their obsession

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Mahomes took to social media in the aftermath of the divisive clip and hit back at her detractors.

She posted on Instagram: ‘I take rumors as a compliment.

‘The fact that you bring my name to tables where I don’t sit shows your obsession. Stay bothered.’

Although there was no clear indication that she insulted the employee, the clip did not go down well with some viewers on TikTok.

“Mahomes wife needs to get off her high horse,” one user wrote.

Another posted: ‘This is where we’re going from here with the twist of the finger for me.’

“She’s too much… So extra,” another viewer said.

“lol i’m all for kelce and faster than the mahomes,” added a fourth.

However, other viewers jumped to her defense.

One wrote: ‘Honest question can someone explain to me how a Brit rudely twists her finger at an employee? I mean she doesn’t snap her fingers’.

Another defended her, saying: ‘For real reason she said, where are we going?’

‘Not a Mahomes celebrity fan, but wife didn’t do anything rude in the video. She was simply asking a question. Much ado about nothing,’ another commented.

Fans on TikTok were quick to accuse the former footballer of being rude to the employee

Fans on TikTok were quick to accuse the former footballer of being rude to the employee

Mahomes and Swift have become close friends after sitting next to each other at most of the games the pop star attends.

She was even invited to dinner with Swift and some of her A-list friends in New York City. Patrick Mahomes and Kelce are also known to be close friends.

Last month, a hotel server took aim at Mahomes, claiming the former athlete did not tip any staff at a luxury Hollywood hotel where she was staying.

TikTok user Jessica O’Connor, a former employee of 1 Hotel West Hollywood, remembered the former soccer star staying at the hotel where she worked, specifically calling her out for failing to tip her on ‘ leaving a $130 bill at the hotel.

Jessica, 28, also claimed she did not tip other staff during the entire week-long stay.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes struck up a friendship after watching Chiefs games

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes struck up a friendship after watching Chiefs games

‘I was a maid, barista, bartender. I did every position,” she said in the video. “I believe Brittany was in town shopping for her wedding dress.”

She explained that during her first interaction with the mother-of-two, she ran up a tab that was more than $100.

“She was there with her entire post,” Jessica explained. ‘Patrick wasn’t there. I believe their tab was over $100, maybe around $130. $0 tip.’

Jessica added ‘it happens sometimes’, suggesting that maybe she just didn’t like her, but her behavior didn’t improve as the week went on.

‘They were there almost a week, I think, and didn’t tip any of our staff. Not only did she not tip, she was just downright unpleasant,’ she revealed.