Donald Trump warns that President Joe Biden could lead country into World War III in remaining nine months of first term – and insists Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon within the next 60 DAYS

  • Trump said that President Biden is being blamed for leading the US into World War III
  • “Nine months is a long time,” Trump said of Biden’s remaining term
  • He also said Iran would have a nuclear weapon within the next two months – and blamed Biden for allowing the attack that killed three US troops

Donald Trump lashed out at President Joe Biden in his latest interview, claiming that his successor’s foreign policy is helping lead the country into World War III and that much more could go downhill in the final nine months of his term.

The former president also warned that Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon in the next 60 days, as Republicans claim Biden’s softness in the Middle East and on terrorist organizations helped lead to the attack in Jordan last week that killed three American troops.

“Our country is a mess, our borders are open and insecure,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo during an interview on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

“You know, nine months is a long time,” he added. “You have a very good chance in that period of having World War Three because we have someone who is not doing his job properly.”


Donald Trump on Sunday said that President Joe Biden is to blame for world conflicts and said he is leading the US into World War III

“You know, nine months is a long time,” Trump said of Biden’s remaining time in his first term, adding: “He’s not respected. He laughed all over the world. He’s not doing a good job’

Trump added: ‘He is not respected. He laughed all over the world. He’s not doing a good job.’

The former president claimed that when he was in office ‘Iran had no money to give to Hamas or Hezbollah.’

Now, with President Joe Biden at the helm, Trump lamented Sunday that Iran-backed militants were encouraged to carry out the suicide attack in Jordan that killed three American service members last weekend.

“He allowed them to do it,” Trump said of Biden’s policies.

President Biden’s White House on Friday authorized a series of counterstrikes against 85 Iran-backed targets in Syria and Iraq, with 18 killed on Sunday.

Sgt. William Jerome Rivers (46), Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders (24) and Specialist Breonna Moffett (23) died in the drone attack on a US airbase.

The 30-minute bombing was in retaliation for the Iran-backed attacks that led to their deaths.

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said on Sunday that more action would be taken, but would not confirm whether this time it would be inside Iran.

“We intend to take additional strikes and additional actions to continue to send a clear message that the United States will respond when our forces are attacked, or people are killed,” Sullivan told NBC News host Kristen Welker said on Meet the Press Sunday morning.

Biden released a statement on the strikes on Friday: ‘This afternoon, at my direction, US military forces struck targets at facilities in Iraq and Syria that the IRGC and affiliated militias use to attack US forces. Our response began today. It will continue at times and places of our choosing.’

“The United States does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. But let anyone who might try to harm us know this: If you harm an American, we will respond,’ he added.