Fans go wild for hilarious clip of Hollywood legend Jeff Goldblum’s reaction to being on jumbotron at the Super Bowl: ‘He looks like a fan!’

NFL fans went wild over a viral video of American actor Jeff Goldblum being shown on the Super Bowl’s jumbotron, as many compared his reaction to that of an average fan.

Goldblum, who starred in some of the highest-grossing films of all time, such as Jurassic Park and Independence Day, was featured on Allegiant Stadium’s big screen during the first half of Sunday’s game in Las Vegas, with the San Francisco 49ers on, 3 -0.

He had to put on his thick, black glasses to realize that he was being shown on every TV camera in America, before he got to his feet and threw his arms around his shoulders in disbelief.

“Jeff Goldblum looks like a big screen fan for the first time in his life,” a fan tweeted as the caption to footage of the 71-year-old Pennsylvanian.

Goldblum even showed off some of his dance moves to the delight of the stadium crowd before cameras switched to someone else. It was a stark contrast to his initial, lifeless reaction to being shown on the jumbotron.

Jeff Goldblum was shown on Allegiant Stadium's jumbotron during the Chiefs-49ers first half

Jeff Goldblum was shown on Allegiant Stadium’s jumbotron during the Chiefs-49ers first half

‘Haha the heart. What a boss,’ a fan of the actor tweeted in response to the viral clip of Goldblum at the Super Bowl.

‘The guy just loves his life, nothing wrong with that,’ someone else pointed out, while another said: ‘Goldblum….IMO….is a national treasure!’

“I can’t believe he’s turning 72 this year!” another fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “He looks AMAZING.”