Morgan Freeman: Auburn Tigers basketball star angrily smacks away a spectator’s hand on the sideline… before realizing it’s the acting legend!

  • Tigers forward Johni Broome slapped away the hand of a spectator in the crowd
  • But little did he know the fan in question was Ole Miss superfan Freeman
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A college basketball player was in for quite the shock when he angrily slapped the hand of a spectator away from the crowd in Mississippi on Saturday night.

During the second quarter of Auburn’s win at Ole Miss, Tigers forward Johni Broome backed into the crowd on the sideline after throwing the ball downfield.

As he did so, two members of the audience reached out to push him back onto the court, before one of them grabbed his jersey, seemingly hoping for an interaction.

An irritated Broome turned and slapped the spectator’s hand away, only to quickly realize it was acting royalty sitting courtside Morgan Freeman.

After continuing with the match, the 21-year-old made sure to return to Freeman and offer him a much warmer hug to apologize for the mix-up.

A college basketball player was in for a shock when he angrily punched a spectator's hand away from the crowd

A college basketball player was in for a shock when he angrily punched a spectator’s hand away from the crowd

Morgan Freeman is a huge Ole Miss fan

The college star made amends with Freeman

But little did he know the fan watching was none other than Morgan Freeman

Freeman, one of the most iconic actors and filmmakers of the past 40 years, is a Mississippi native, which means he makes it out to Ole Miss basketball games regularly.

But on Saturday night the Shawshank Redemption and Unforgiven star had to watch his beloved team sink to defeat against Broome and the Tigers.

Jaylin Williams scored 16 points, while Broome and Chad Baker-Mazara each scored 15 points, with 27 of those 30 combined points coming in the second half.

Denver Jones and KD Johnson each scored 11 points, and Tre Donaldson added 10 for the Tigers (18-4, 7-2 SEC).

“Maybe our best win of the year on the road against an incredible fan base,” Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said. “If you’re going to win titles, you have to win a road game that other teams can’t win. We did it tonight.’

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