Pictured: Revellers accused of ‘knife rampage’ outside nightclub that left amateur rugby player dead and five others injured

These are the first images of a man and two women facing murder charges after a ‘knife rampage’ outside a nightclub left one dead and five injured.

Jake Hill, 25, Tia Taylor, 22, and Chelsea Powell, 22, are seen on CCTV entering the Eclipse nightclub on April 29 last year just hours before the deadly violence erupted outside at closing time.

Hill was later seen retrieving a hunting knife from the hedgerows before using it to ‘cut and stab’ several victims, the court heard, while some were seen falling back after being wounded.

Videos shown to the jury then showed popular rugby player Michael Allen, 32, collapse on the floor after being stabbed in the abdomen, with the court hearing he died at the scene from severe internal bleeding.

Prosecutors alleged Hill had already stabbed four others before Allen tried to confront him, while a sixth victim was also stabbed as Hill tried to flee the scene.

Jake Hill (centre), Tia Taylor (left) and Chelsea Powell (right) enter Eclipse nightclub, Bodmin

Jake Hill (centre), Tia Taylor (left) and Chelsea Powell (right) enter Eclipse nightclub, Bodmin

Michael Allen (pictured), 32, collapsed on the floor and died after being stabbed in the abdomen outside the nightclub on April 30 last year.

Michael Allen (pictured), 32, collapsed on the floor and died after being stabbed in the abdomen outside the nightclub on April 30 last year.

Hill, from Bodmin, denied the murder or manslaughter of Mr Allen and the attempted murder of Liam Phillips, Ryan Burger and Ryan Parsons in the early hours of April 30 last year.

Further allegations of GBH by wounding with intent involving victims named Stefan Williams and Rhiannon Tompsett in relation to the same incident were also denied.

Taylor and Powell, also from Bodmin, also stood trial with Hill after pleading not guilty to ‘murder by joint enterprise’ over the death of Mr Allen, as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The jury was shown a lengthy compilation of CCTV, dashcam and body-worn footage tracking the movements of all three defendants from the moment they entered the nightclub earlier that evening to the trio leaving the murder scene together.

Other images capture violent scuffles breaking out and other stabbing victims bleeding from their injuries.

Opening the case, prosecutor Mark Cotter KC said Hill got the knife and put himself in the middle of some disorder that broke out among a group of about 15 who were standing outside the club.

One witness described him as a ‘knifesmith’ the court heard.

Mr Cotter said: ‘After entering the disorder, Jake Hill produced his knife and stabbed or slashed five people.

‘Each of those individuals sustained a single wound.

“The prosecution further alleges that when Jake Hill left the scene, he stabbed a sixth person and again inflicted a single wound.”

Mr Cotter said it was not possible to say exactly in what order the wounds were inflicted, but said they were “all within a matter of seconds of each other.”

Mr Allen was the last to be stabbed in the main group and although no CCTV captured the knife being used, footage did show victims quickly extricating themselves from the group after sustaining injuries.

Mr Cotter added: ‘No witnesses saw any of the injured persons do anything to anyone, let alone Jake Hill, which could explain why Jake Hill stabbed them.

‘The initial burst of knife violence culminated in a fight taking place between Jake Hill and Michael Allen

‘Michael Allen also separated from the parties. He was unarmed. He confronted and struggled with Jake Hill and was simultaneously assaulted by Tia Taylor and Chelsea Powell.

“During that encounter, Michael Allen was stabbed in the stomach by Jake Hill.

“The knife went deep and caused a wound depth of 12 and a half cm.”

Mr Cotter said the knife cut through the stomach muscles, damaged the intestines and the aorta.

“Rapid internal blood loss caused him to collapse within seconds and he died at the scene,” he added.

‘The prosecution case is that Jake Hill, after seeing the disorder, became angry and violent.

‘One witness who saw some of the stabbings and the aftermath described him as being a ‘knife shop’.

“The prosecution alleges Jake Hill deliberately stabbed and slashed individuals within the group and caused the various wounds.”

Regarding the Powell and Taylor, the prosecutor says that they ‘voluntarily placed themselves in a violent environment’ and ‘showed themselves to be perfectly willing to participate in that violence when it was completely unnecessary for them to do so. ‘

They ‘backed him up – and hit Mr Allen’, the prosecutor added.

When police later went to Taylor’s home looking for Hill, she denied he was there – when in fact he was hiding in the loft, Mr Cotter added.

Powell was also accused of giving a false witness statement to police about her involvement in the incident.

Mr Allen, known to family and friends as Mike or ‘Chabel’, recently moved to Bodmin from Liskeard in Cornwall and the rugby club where he played has been turned into a shrine full of flowers and pictures of him.

Paying tribute at the time of his death, his family said: ‘Mike was simply a much loved son, brother, grandson and uncle who loved his dogs.’

They also thanked the local community for the support shown to them.

Bodmin RFC said: ‘His humor and kindness left a mark on us all and we will miss him dearly.’

The trial continues.