Richard Branson in horror bike smash: Daredevil billionaire shares pictures of his injuries after flying off his bicycle after hitting pothole in Virgin Gorda

  • The billionaire Virgin founder said he ‘crashed hard’ in the cycling accident

Richard Branson shared a photo of his injuries after hitting a pothole and flying off his bike in Virgin Gorda.

The billionaire Virgin founder said he ‘crashed hard’ in the bike crash – but said he luckily managed not to break any bones.

Daredevil Branson posted an image of the aftermath on Instagram and wrote: ‘Took quite a big tumble while riding in Virgin Gorda a while ago!

‘I hit a pothole and crashed hard, resulting in another hematoma on my hip and a nasty cut elbow, but amazingly nothing broke.

‘We were cycling with Alex Wilson, who attacked behind me, but luckily he was also ok.

Richard Branson shared an image of his injuries on Instagram after a bike accident

Richard Branson shared an image of his injuries on Instagram after a bike accident

‘I consider myself very lucky, and grateful to have kept myself active and healthy.

“The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all!”

More than a thousand followers sent him messages of support yesterday following the social media post.

He has been described as ‘brave’ and ‘amazing’ by his supporters as some have warned him to be careful and are soon passing on well wishes.

This isn’t the first cycling peddler Branson has had. In 2021, he had a ‘colossal’ cycling accident after his brakes failed while competing in an endurance charity race across the British Virgin Islands.

He flew off his bike and crashed on the hard concrete road on the island of Tortola.

At the time, he feared he had broken his back after colliding with another rider during day two of the Strive BVI event – in which fitness fanatics complete a series of grueling water and land-based challenges over several days.

After the incident in 2021, he had to be treated for severe cuts and bruises on his elbow, an ‘extraordinarily large bump’ on his hip and a ‘massive’ hematoma on his leg.

In a blog post on his Virgin website, the father-of-three said there was ‘no doubt’ that wearing a helmet saved his life.

The entrepreneur also shared photos from moments after the crash showing him lying on his back next to fellow rider Felix Stellmaszek.

In another shot, the tycoon was seen smiling with a thumbs up while holding an ice pack, as he got into the van that took him to Virgin Gorda Hospital.

Meanwhile, other photos showed a large, bloody lump on his left hip and a badly bruised and scratched arm through his torn cycling shirt.