Savaged: Woman is mauled by bully dog as she tries to save puppy

  • Traumatized victim left covered in blood after horrific attack in town

A woman was bitten in the face by a powerful bulldog-type dog when she tried to protect her puppy from being picked on.

The attack left the ‘traumatised’ woman covered in blood.

The woman was out yesterday morning with her three-month-old puppy in the village of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, when the incident happened.

She was treated for an injury to her face at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride and later reported the attack to the police.

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Powerful XL bully dogs are at the center of breeding controversy

A passer-by who helped her after she was bitten said the owner of the ‘bully, bulldog, Staffy-type dog’ was a woman who ‘just kept walking’.

The puppy was also bitten, but is believed to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Another dog walker who went to the woman’s aid at around 8am yesterday said: ‘She was very stressed and full of blood. She was bitten on the face. There was a lot of blood.

‘She said a dog got away from its owner and attacked the puppy. She went to separate them and was bitten.’

The witness added: ‘She called her partner who came to take her to hospital. She was very distressed. The puppy was also bitten, but seemed fine. The poor girl was traumatised.’

A passerby who stopped to help posted on social media: ‘Not to add fuel to the dangerous dog debate but was just out with the dog and met a girl who moments before had been mauled by someone else’s dog was bitten in the face while she tried to protect her puppy. The owner of the dog just kept walking. Keep your eyes peeled for a woman with a bully, bulldog, Staffy-type dog.’

Bothwell Post Office said in a warning on social media: ‘Beware. A bulldog/bully type dog got off its owner’s leash and attacked a puppy. While trying to separate the dogs, the owner of the puppy was bitten in the face. Please be careful and warn all dog owners in the area.’

Police Scotland said: ‘At around 10.40am on Friday, February 9, we were made aware of a woman who had been attacked by a dog in the Silvertrees area of ​​Bothwell.

‘The woman attended the hospital for treatment. Inquiries are ongoing.’